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3300 40 Amp Alternator Kit

3300 40 Amp Alternator Kit

This price is only available upon request. Contact us or your regional dealer for a quote.

Fitting this alternator kit will instantly change the feel of your aircraft. As soon as the engine starts, the alternator is charging the battery and providing full voltage to the avionics bus. The radio works normally while taxiing and the battery has most of its re-charging done by the time you’re ready to line up. You are not worried if you need to stop and start the engine, and the engine feels smoother due to the damping effect of the belt drive.

The installation looks as though it’s meant to be there, and the wiring is less cluttered due to the inbuilt regulator. Servicing is available locally and well understood by general industry.

If required, a modified pulley can be supplied to retain the original alternator as a backup.

The kit is designed and built in the engine factory and is made under the same audited AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 quality system.

  • Charges at idle
  • 35 -45 amps
  • More efficient, less overall power drain
  • Less radio interference: fewer radio problems
  • Hardened pulleys. Microvee long life belt: condition check at 100 hrs, replace belt at 500 hrs (low cost)
  • Accessory pad still available
  • Normal proven operation and maintenance procedures, giving you peace of mind
  • Smoother engine operation
  • Only an extra 1.7kg when compared to a traditional Jabiru style alternator
  • Compact and tidy, with less exposed wiring
  • All required hardware is included in the kit, which comes with detailed fitting instructions

Currently only available for EXPERIMENTAL installations.

Please contact us for a price here and with your shipping address, we will be able to supply the costing and time frame for shipping.

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